Owner of an italian art, Dienne Salotti borns in 2000, in the heart of upholstered bed's and sofa's market.
Since fifteen years we're moved by the love for realizing sofas and armchairs and, for this reasons, our aim is to satisfy customers every day, thanks to qualitative innovative and original offers.

Artisans and designers work together to create continuity between every production cycle and to define new functionality for our finished products. The whole productive process is built with creativity and refined thanks to an everyday update with market's evolutions. Our objectives? Guaranteeing you the best offers for quality, one and only product for comfort and impeccable solutions for elegance. We do this trying to understand your tastes and ensuring you 100% artisan and italian products.
Selected wovens and refined leathers are first matters by which we start for satisfy your requests and for follow the trends of both internal and international markets.

Our products are results of a careful selection, managed with passion and intuition. Why? We'd like to answer your needs in decor and your aesthetic desires.
Flexibility and dynamism of our company lend style to spaces and right forms to your requests. A form which, thanks to our artisans' and designers' hands, lives and keeps your spaces alive.

Our quality control

  • Wood structures
    We select first quality wood to produce our sofas and beds, we perfectly know the value of this firts matter and, in order to underline it, our team verifies that the wood comes from forests exposed to monitored deforestation because, in this way, the environmental heritage is respected.
    Bearing structures of Dienne's sofas are realized with plywood, strong material with clean stratification and,for latch parts our artisans use also 'faesite', a strong and lighter material. We use also other refined woods such as beechwood, 'wenghË' wood, oak or cherry wood, for sofas' feet and living rooms' accessories. The result is a resistent structure, the starting point for comfortable and ergonomic beds and sofas.

  • Comfort
    We select only innovative and natural materials, following the most rigorous standard for quality, security and solidity. In fact, Dienne starts from these requisites to define value and life of every single product.
    We work ascertaining that structures are recovered by materials with different density, studying employment's positions and considering all the fundamental necessities of comfort. The objective is not to force the spine into incorrect positions which impair muscles, articulations and ligaments.
    The research of relax and the balance of soul is what we are interesting in. We want guarantee you a sensation of total comfort, also misuring the goose plumage and the polyurethane in cushions.

  • Finishing touches
    We organize every step of our production, paying attention also to details,strong point of Dienne. For this, the non-slip system has been implemented to guarantee comfortable cushions. Stitchings, really plain, symbolize a fundamental phase of our production and their change depends on the type of product.
    Manufacturing and wovens employed in our production take inspiration from handmade standards and ancient methods, essential to preserve products by every imperfection.

  • Wovens
    Our principal aim is to give customers the possibility of selecting best coverings for their sofas and beds, choosing through a huge wovens' collection. Every model lives thanks to new colors and interpretations, embraces different trends and embellishes every space with different lights and different styles.
    Dienne's team studies the compatibility between covering's features and sofas' technical and aesthetic characteristics. Every material included in our collection is tested with attention, in order to ascertain quality, resistance and duration against abrasions. Every article is matched with his own technical file, in which are signed specific standards for maintenance and wovens composition.

  • Mechanisms
    News and technological innovations are combined in every single Dienne's product. Efficiency and dynamism of mechanisms are guarantee of quality and comfort, also when sofas become beds, ensuring you double functionalities.
    The final aim is to create products with a maximum optimization of residential spaces and to give you right answers to every kind of request.

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