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Flexibility and dynamism of our company lend style to spaces and right forms to your requests.
A form which, thanks to our artisans' and designers' hands, lives and keeps your spaces alive.
Dienne Video Corporate
Owner of an italian art -

The Italian Sofa.

For 20 years, we have been guided by the love for the best italian tradition of sofas, armchairs and sofa-beds.

Our aim is to satisfy the demand of our customers,focusing on innovation, unique design and quality.

Our Company is chatacterized by a strong sense of creativity, affected and improved by the constant market growth.



We study the compatibility among the features of the covering and the technical and aesthetic peculiarities of the sofa-bed.
The Innovation is one our “Must”. We try to improve ourselves by introducing new solutions in our prototypes that simplify and improve usability.
To be visionary and identify in advance solutions and ideas that have not yet been applied, improving those that are already used. This is what we are.


This is where our collections start from.
They always arise from intuition, from the search for something new and different, with great attention to details.
The detail makes the difference between a simple product and a product of design.


Our objectives?

Guaranteeing you the best offers for quality, one and only product for comfort and impeccable solutions for elegance.
We do this trying to understand your tastes and ensuring you 100% artisan and italian products.
Our products are results of a careful selection, managed with passion and intuition. Why? We'd like to answer your needs in decor and your aesthetic desires.